Executive Vice President – Sales at Multi-Billion dollar public Software company

Interviewing is a skill I have worked hard to develop in my twenty plus years of sales. Unfortunately, that skill was developed through time invested with candidates that never should have made it to my door. I want to rely on a recruiter to do more than pass along a stellar resume and a quality person attached to it. Unfortunately, in my twenty years of sales that’s been my experience with even the best known national recruiters. No, I need someone who has interviewed ME to exhaustion – someone who not only understands the position I’m trying to fill, but my needs, my style, my company’s culture and my company’s “A” players as well. Ken DeWitt is that kind of professional. After spending over five months with other recruiters retained by my company, I heard about Ken through some colleagues. They shared the hires they received through Ken’s efforts – all were top 10% players year in and year out – and their tenure was impressive. I called Ken and worked through an intense screening process to determine the kind of person with whom I worked best. He assured me that it was easy to find “A” players. The real trick was finding the “A” player who could play on my team and in my league. I later found out that not only did Ken interview me, but he interviewed other people about me. Within three weeks I had four candidates lined up to be interviewed in the same week– all of which Ken said I could hire with great results. You know what? He was probably right. It was the first time I can recall having the difficult task of choosing between more than just two qualified candidates. I can go on and on now about the professional I ultimately hired, too – he’s going to set the bar in my company in his second year.
UPDATE 2.5 years later: His placements have been in the top 5% of the company year after and they are all still with the company! Great job Ken!

Edward E., President – multiple subsidiary companies at SunGard

In the past, finding the ideal candidate using recruiters was still very time consuming. Once candidates were identified and interviewed many were not qualified or ready to make a career change. Using Summit, I was provided a short list of high quality candidates very quickly making the search much less expensive. Their experience allows me to focus on my core competence of managing the business while they handle the recruiting. Using a “discount” recruiting firm or one that has representatives with less experience simply does not pay off. Summit provides an excellent search service that will result in a high quality, long-term employee. Our internal recruiting and HR teams are very strong, but for high value hires with a measurable ROI, Summit beats their results by far!
I have worked with Ken for several years and have found his approach straight forward and his follow up unmatched in the industry.
Jim W., CFO, high tech public and private companies worldwide
Summit Executive Search Group is a great resource for finding great sales people. All of our hires (50+ to date) from Ken have exceeded quota and have brought us a tremendous return on our investment.
CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business
In our business, results are what matters most. Whenever we hire new Sales Professionals we never know who we are actually getting until about 1 year down the road when at that time I’ll be able to tell if the recruiter presented me with a gift or damaged goods.
Regional Vice President at Euler Hermes AC
UPDATE 1.5 years later: My experience with Ken DeWitt has been nothing short of excellent. The individuals he has placed with me immediately went to the tops of their respective sales class. As indicated earlier, results are what counts and Ken delivered on all fronts!
I worked with Summit Executive Search during our Company’s high growth years (from $14mm to $1B in revenue today). We tried other recruiting sources but ultimately Summit provided us with more high quality candidates than any other group we worked with. Today significant portions of the accounting/finance leadership are former Summit candidates.

Kevin B., VP Sales Ops and Planning, public software company with over $1B in revenue today
I and others at my company have used Ken DeWitt and SESG to bring us the most well-qualified candidates in the shortest timeframe possible. In considering the nuances of the our sector and adding in the international and even regional issues in the US, and add to it the varying levels of management experience we required, his work and results were always on target. The people he was able to bring to us in a short time allowed us to keep on track with our very aggressive expansion plans. While their services are more expensive than other search firms we have used, SESG is the most effective and efficient way to fill your needs. The return on investment in the form of human capital is real and measurable, and the 2 year guarantee is unmatched in the industry!
Allan F., Vice President, COO, CFO and SVP Sales at Various companies including Software, Tech Training, and Advertising Agency
Banner Designer
Searching for, hiring, and retaining talent is one of the most challenging duties I face as the manager of a remote based, traveling, and technical consulting group. The extremely unique candidate profile that I demand has exhausted the efforts of other professional search organizations, many of which advised me to compromise either talent or budget. Working with Ken DeWitt of SESG I have not had to sacrifice either. Ken has time and time again come through for my team by providing qualified, enthusiastic, genuine candidates in a timely manner. He works with me on an ongoing basis to properly plan and strategize for the future so we are always prepared when the situation presents itself. In my case this is often and in abundance. Due to Ken’s consistent efforts, professional search skills/resources, and proven success he has truly become a valuable member of my team.
Senior Manager at Multi-Million dollar Consulting Group
Ken DeWitt and Summit Executive Search Group play a key role in our recruitment process. They are like having an entire recruitment team on board. They take the time to know exactly what our hiring needs are, and deliver good quality candidates.
Gigi, Director/VP of Human Resources at small privately owned software/services company
I have worked with hundreds of “employment agencies” as an employer and an employee throughout my career. Most of the recruiters that I worked with had not done their research and left me feeling like their goal was simply to submit a resume and collect a placement fee at all cost. I recently worked with Ken DeWitt with SESG (a retained search firm) and had the best experience ever. His attention to detail, understanding of both his client’s and candidate’s needs, and truly caring about both parties made all the difference. If you are looking for real success in your business or your career, I highly recommend that you work with Ken.
VP/Director of Sales at Multi-Million/Billion Dollar Companies
We certainly would not have been exposed to as many professional sales people if not for SESG. They have a talent for finding the right type of people by interviewing key people in your company, as well as top executives, to make sure they get the right fit.

President/CEO at Tri-County Lighting Services, Inc. (approx. $20mm in revenue, OC based)
Summit Executive Search Group has assisted our company in filling a number of management and sales positions. We partner with Summit because they work closely with us to understand exactly what qualifications are required for the position. That way they send few resumes, but all are extremely qualified. We appreciate their doing the screening work for us. Summit is the first recruiter we call when we need to fill a position.

Director of HR at Small High Tech Manufacturing and Distribution Company
I’ve had the pleasure of working with SESG on a number of occasions in the last 5 1/2 years. Typically, we use Ken on searches that are difficult and that we are struggling with internally and inevitably, he is able to find solid candidates within our experience and compensation parameters. Ken is very detail oriented and ensures that candidates are well prepared prior to interviews and that there are no surprises in the process. In short, SESG is a valued resource and Ken brings a strong results orientation to the table.

Director of Corporate Recruiting at Multi-Billion dollar public company
Ken is an outstanding resource in our recruiting efforts. He has successfully filled many key accounting and finance positions we have placed with him over the last year, including the VP/Controller and Assistant Controller roles. He is professional and works effectively to understand our company culture which is integral to the success of the candidate coming into the organization. I highly recommend Ken.

Chief Financial Officer at Real Estate Investment and Property Management Company
Ken is an excellent addition to our internal recruiting efforts. Our philosophy is to only use an outside recruiting for hard to fill positions. Ken has managed to successfully fill all the challenging positions we have placed with him. He is professional and persistent without being pushy. He works effectively to understand the position requirements, the company culture, and the overall direction of the organization. If you are looking for just the right person, he will likely find that person for you.

Human Resources Consultant at Fair Isaac
My Company has hired several people as a result of Ken’s work, in marketing, sales, and IT. Ken works very hard to learn not only the requirements of the individual positions, but more importantly, the culture of the company and even the office and department in which the candidate would work.

Director at Education/Training Company
SESG has been extremely responsive to our requests on very short notice. Finding someone who fits our unique requirements is not easy, but SESG has been able to do so much faster that I could have without using this service. I highly recommend this group to find your recruits.

Senior Manager, Engagement Training & Consulting at $300mm Software Company
I have known Ken for over six years and he placed me at a company as a Director level position. He is a professional and works hard to understand both the candidate and the company in order to provide the best match for both.

Dan, Director of Finance, Multi-Billion dollar Software and Services Company
I had the privilege of working directly with Ken DeWitt. He is by far the most professional and influential recruiter that I have ever dealt with. If you have an opportunity to work with him, I can assure you that you’ll benefit from it regardless whether or not you land the job.

Nathan, Account Executive at Multi-Billion dollar Software company
Summit Executive Search is an amazing asset to have on your side when searching for an above average job. Mr. Dewitt was very thorough in his evaluation of what I was looking for in a position and what assets I brought to the table. He made sure that I understood the position and what it entailed and was always available to help me prepare for my interviews. He went far beyond what I would expect. I would highly recommend Mr. Dewitt to anyone looking for a position.

Stacy, Field Sales Representative at Multi-Billion dollar company
My hiring experience with Ken was terrific and I am excelling at my new position. Ken is highly ethical, knowledgeable, and professional. I recommend Ken to any sales professional out there who is looking for an honest best fit for their skills.

Ken N., Partner Sales at publicly held Software and Services company
Working with Ken and Summit Executive Search Group was a great experience for me. I have been on my new job for less than 8 weeks and I am over 2,600% of my sales quota (not a typo). Ken’s experience and assistance led me to a great opportunity. Thanks for everything!

James W., Field Sales Rep at Wolters Kluwer
My experience working with Summit Executive Search Group was great! They were able to locate an opportunity that I would have never found using the traditional methods of job sites and networking. Throughout the process I was made fully aware of what I needed to do to align my skills and previous experience with the needs of the employer. I always knew what the next steps were in the hiring process and was able to land the perfect job! Thanks for all that you did!

Account Manager at CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business
SESG has a terrific process for identifying the right candidates for the right opportunities. Through SESG and their network, I quickly landed a terrific position with a major corporation that has allowed me to make an immediate impact and take on additional responsibilities. Ken had access to people and places that generated several interviews within a short period of time for some outstanding career opportunities.

Patrick, Director, Multi-Million dollar Distribution Company
I worked with a number of recruiters – I felt Ken was by far and away the best. He did a great job setting expectations, preparing me, and provided me with great guidance that led to placing me with a perfect fit for my career goals.

Software Sales Executive at Multi-Billion Dollar Software Firm
Summit has been very helpful in the past in providing guidance to my own career search and helping in advising me on my own hiring decisions.

Director, Global Revenue Assurance at Avaya, Inc.
I am so pleased by my entire experience working with Ken. Communicative, ethical, a great coach and he really pegs you for the perfect job. I hope to work with Ken again and highly recommend him to both candidates and companies alike.

Todd, Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Absolutely the most positive experience I have had with a search firm. Ken really took the time to understand both my background and goals – and then make sure these were the right fit for the position and company.

Account Manager at CCH Incorporated
I was working with several search firms when I began my job search in the spring of 2005. The only consistency within these firms was the false promise of being able to get me in front of their clients for interviews. I was about to give up when I received a call from Ken DeWitt with a great sales opportunity in my local market. Ken presented the opportunity to me on a Friday and I was in front of the Regional Vice President the following week. Ken did a great job of working with the hiring manager to get me the compensation that I requested and get me an offer letter. Ken made searching for a job painless. I would recommend Ken’s services to anyone who is looking for a sales position within the U.S.

Jeremy G., Sales Agent at Euler Hermes ACI
I worked with Summit on an opportunity with a company in the manufacturing sector. My work history showed I have spent all my time in the Service sector. Summit was the only firm of over 20 I worked with in my search to look beyond the typical sector bias and see I had the skills and abilities that matched the opening and they were successful in presenting me to their client for an interview. A timing issue with other opportunities didn’t allow me to follow through with the Manufacturing opportunity. No one but Summit spent the time to really understand my K&A’s and match them with client need.

Marc, Director
Ken DeWitt is the best recruiter that I have ever worked with. Through out the entire recruiting and hiring process, he was honest and kept me informed. He also learned enough about me that he didn’t try to “sell me” on a job…which also meant he wasn’t trying to sell his client on someone he didn’t believe in. He also has checked in routinely with me through out my career, even after he made his placement. Shows a genuine interest which means a lot.

Jerry B., Sales Consultant at CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business
Ken DeWitt was a great unexpected resource for me during my job search last year. After 9 years in medical sales, I wasn’t looking to leave that industry. However, Ken stumbled upon my resume and saw a good fit for CCH, Inc. with my accounting degree and decade of sales experience. Had it not been for Ken, I never would have known about this great new career I have! What stands out is Ken’s attention to detail, follow-up, preparation, and genuine concern for me. Ken has continued following up with me this past year to make sure I am happy with my decision, which means a great deal! After all, follow-up after the sale is what it’s all about, right?! Good work, Ken! (and P.S. – Ken knows how to spot talent! Jerry B., in the testimonial above, is our #1 sales rep in the entire country!!!) Kudos once again, Ken!

Sales Consultant at CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business
Summit Executive Search is a professional firm that is well connected to the business community. My own experience was not only a success in being placed into a senior management position that fit my qualifications and experience, but at a well negotiated salary level. In particular, Ken DeWitt provided me with insight into the company and hiring manager, coaching, and excellent feedback throughout the process.

Darryl C., Director of Field Engineering at Sprint/Nextel
Ken was fantastic!! He did a great job putting me in front of the right companies and people based on my interests. I would definitely use him again.

Field Sales Representative at publicly held Company
Ken Dewitt of Summit Executive Search Group assisted me in my pursuit for an opportunity with his client company. His abilities as a recruiter are exceptional. His positive attitude, professional actions, and assistance were very much appreciated. Though I was not selected for the opportunity, my abilities and attitude in my ongoing search have been enhanced.

David, non-hired applicant
Ken did an amazing job in helping me with my job search! He listened to what I wanted in a job and did not try to “push” me on a job that I wasn’t a good fit. He kept me well informed of the job position and the interview process and was always available to answer questions. I am extremely pleased with my experience with Ken and Summit Executive Search Group and highly recommend their services.

Consultant at private company
Ken was a wonderful resource in my job search. He connected me with the perfect job and coached me all the way through the process.

Project Manager at Software and Consulting Firm
Summit Executive Search successfully placed me with a highly political private water company as an operations manager. I feel like the firm did an excellent job. They negotiated a good salary and referred me to a job where the fit was excellent and the job challenging. Since that time, I have continued to grow with my assignment and enjoy my work. I have been with my new company for 10+ years now (since 2/2002), and plan to stay a long time. I strongly recommend Summit Executive Search because they don’t just find people for jobs; they match up talent with reputable companies to create a formula for career success.

General Manager, Coastal Division at California American Water
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